•   almost 8 years ago

My compassion for the American families

Allow me to present myself:Doctor Yalin Georgi Kudda,double specialist,nuclear physicist,decorated with the medal of honor,and holder with a PhD in ultra-sensitive photovoltaic industry,from the Bulgarian Aacdemy of Sciences,Sofia,Bulgaria.
I'm Bulgarian,resident in Casablanca,Morocco.
I'm with the head of three inventions out of matter in the nuclear energy,solar energy and automobil industry.
The first concerns the definitive annihilation of the radioactivity.
The second relates to a super solar prototype having the ultimate capcity to produce electricity for one century,24 hours a day
The last one concerns a super balck uel car (body inexhaustible cosmic black element)
Concerninf the American Families in mourning in which they are,i have scientifically also speaking the final solution
I sympathized for their losses;and to that the USA can regain a footing only
and only with me,without claim


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