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Vet Financial Needs Too Great for Non Profits Now

Veterans who become unable to work due to PTSD, TBI, pain, etc after filing an initial claim (or not filing any upon leaving the military) now are waiting over a year to have their claims re-examined. I am seeing even the most financially prudent families go through their saving and no decision in sight.

Requests for financial help from these vets are being turned down by the non profit sector. Non profits such as Rebuild Hope have limited funds and these funds are meant to help a short term need not several months of support.

Only the government, by hiring more people in the disability chain, or the very wealthy citizens of this country have the resources to help pull these veterans and their families back from the abyss.


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    Barbara and Yalin,

    If you think this is a long wait or an unreasonable time, then my testimony will shock you and everyone else. I'll make it short. I am SC (Service Connected) with SC DJD (from spinal Injury), SC Hernia 2x status post surgeries, SC Food born Hep A&B (liver damage), SC Scar Tissue w/pain, and Secondary SC Depression w/Anxiety due to SC disabilities and PTSD w/Agoraphobia due to a VA Hospital recovery room drug overdose and mishaps incident, causing additional secondary conditions of spermatic cord damage, cysts and varicose veins in the scrotum, and a neurological disorder (peripheral and poly neuropathy) as a result of an incompetent VA medical employee, which damages are permanent and degenerative physical conditions that also causes me to need special medications for the rest of my life .. The first claim for service connection took about 14 years to get a SC rating. The next one, for an increased rating request took 3 additional years. This was "with" historical and current medical documentation and proof of injury from as far back as 1979, establishing causation. I started the first claim after serving 9 years honorably and upon discarge in 1985, and the first VA approval was in 1999. I had a second surgery in year 2000, with mishaps that caused other conditions. I have fought for SC secondary ratings for these issues and an 1151 claim was filed, upon suggestion of VARO, for the mishaps, and these issues have been ongoing since year 2000. The current claims are in appeal status and in the "SIXTH" phase of VA processing. I was tossed back and forth on the issues for about 8 years with the VARO, then on to the BVA for 2 years, and then to the AMC for 1 year and 8 months. The decisions are still pending. If you want the truth about the stress and anxiety that this places on a veteran, then you have it from me; someone who has experienced the injustices many times. I can imagine what a veteran is going through when they have been forced to retire due to SC disabilities and who may have PTSD or other debilitating combat related issues. If we have 21.8 million Veterans, and an average of 8 of them commit suicide or worse (take others with them) on a daily basis, then one would think that the VA system would speed up the processing of claims to save the veterans from harm to themselves and others. Also, there should be no hesitation for any and all counselling and psychological examinations and testings that would help the veteran. I did this gladly, and it helped me overcome some issues of anger towards the system and how I have been treated over the years.

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    Dear Douglas, I am so sorry for all that you have endured. You have provided sound advise for other veteran. My hope in posting this issue is that Michele Obama and Mrs. Biden will help find solutions for this problem.

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    Your courage to you all strikes me. And I include/understand you has my way, as a scientist, as a double specialist, single,who developped at the point of the inventions which can make the USA the Future Eldorado of our planet, and return to people any the`hope of which they require.
    Believe me,i can save you all.

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    Thank you Barbara. If anything, I hope that my testimonies will help others to stand their ground and be patient and fight for the justice and reconciliation which they well deserve.

    Now I will answer Yalin. In regard to your kind offers Yalin Georgi, there are times when scientific findings are wonderful provisions of causation and vindication; then there are times when the heart, soul and mind are worn, weary and oppressed, and in need of convalescing, retreat, care and love from individuals with experience and understanding. The greatest power of these, being LOVE.

    Science has no power over love. I say this to remind everyone that the Creator is love, and knows all. Therefore, we "all" each and every one of us "are" already working out our salvation, before our Creator. We are here on earth to share testimonies with one another; using these experiences "some learned" and "some acquired without permissions" at times. This in turn, can allow others who are struggling with principalities and powers and rulers in high places, to understand that the power of love and care will always endure over these hardships in life. So, praises be to The Creator and Savior who offers to dwell in all of us, by way of acceptance and allowance of love, which conquers death, suicides, killing and destruction of mankind.

    Pharmacopoeia should be a last resort, not the first. Retreats and other community involved activities and projects work well, because it brings a person back to realism and gives then a strong and normal social and family life experience and a strong community support system. "All's anyone ever wants in this life, is to know that they count and are cared for".

    Have a wonderful day.

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    All the best to You All

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    Interesting Yalin. This is The Joining Forces Community Challenge site. Clean energy is a horse of a different color. Please allow me to direct you to the following appropriate site:


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